Can I Get A Gold Grillz With Missing Teeth ? Good News !

Many people especially those who are very interested in hip hop cultures and rap singers usually wonder why rappers teeth are looking like something gold is covering them, well, it is called “gold grillz” (also called golds, fronts) and a very common question comes to people who admire rap cultures but for some reason they have missing teeth in their mouth is : can i get a gold grillz with missing teeth ?

Can I Get A Gold Grillz With Missing Teeth ?

How Can I Get A Gold Grillz With Missing Teeth ?

The answer to this question is closely related to your teeth condition, if the teeth on the sides of your gap where you miss your teeth are in good condition and solid enough to handle and support the grill, you can get a gold grillz for missing teeth, however if your teeth are not capable of supporting the grillz because of cavities or anything else, then it will be difficult for anyone to make you grillz.

Therefore, it is up to your doctor to decide after he check on you whether can you get a grill with missing teeth or not, so if you are planing to get grillz in the near future, you should probably start taking care of your teeth to get higher possibility of success.

FAQ’s :

How Long Does It Take To Make Gold Grillz ?

– It only takes 3-5 business days to make gold grillz after you provide the company with the mold of your teeth, and few more days for the shipping maybe less.

– You should get a proper mold for your teeth in order to get the best grillz fit for your teeth, and one more important think to focus on is to choose a well known manufacturer who really knows how to make grillz, just to make sure you get the best results.

– The procedure of making gold grillz is not really complicated, it only rquire some special machines and some skills which a lot of manufacturers has due to the huge demand on gold grillz in the last years.

Can You Get Grillz With A Gap ?

Acoording to many manufacturers of grillz, it is possible to get your own grillz even with a gap separating your teeth lines, they can use many available options to successfully create a well designed gold grillz for customers with a gap, these options include making the teeth a little bit larger, making them as separate pieces or add a filler, in other words, this depends on the gap size whether it’s big or small.

Can I Get Grillz With Crooked Teeth ?

It is not important to have straight teeth to be able to get gold grillz, you can get them even with crooked teeth because an impression of your teeth is required in order to create your gold grillz, so it will be made based on your teeth line.

How Long Does Custom Gold Grillz Take ?

– In this case, there are few extra steps to take, you will need to order your custom gold grillz first, many companies offer a variety of designs for customers or you can choose your own custom design.

– This comes first, then you will get the mold kit to work on it the resend it to the manufacturers, finally they will start making your custom gold grillz and send it to you as soon as they finish.

– The hole process may take up to 15 days as there are few extra steps where you select your style and design.

Can Grillz Straighten Your Teeth ?

Absulotely not, gold grillz are not made for such things and it can only be used for decoration and fashion purposes because gold can not put any pressure in your teeth, instead, you can use teeth aligners such as Invsalign and Spark or braces to get your teeth straightened.

Do Grillz Replace Teeth ?

Gold grillz are not supposed to replace your teeth, in most cases when the grillz are removable, they will cover your teeth, but some people prefer to put them forever like permanently, in this case, the grillz will be adjusted and altered with gold crowns to permanently stay in the mouth.

Can You Eat With Gold Grillz ?

It is highly recommended to avoid eating and drinking while you wear your gold grillz, it’s bad for your teeth and your grillz as they are just like other jewerly and you have to take care of them.

Do Permanent Grillz Rot Your Teeth ?

Techinically yes, having gold grillz on your teeth permanently will prevent you from flossing and brushing your teeth causing the bacteria to collect and cause tooth decay and cavities which will rot your teeth sooner or later.

How Do Grillz Stay On Your Teeth ?

Grillz are made by a dentist or grillz expert whon knows exactly how to get your measurements using a mold, after this, the grillz will grip the two sides of yout teeth and apply some pressure on the walls to stay there, therefore, there is no possibility for them to move arround when you wear them.

Is Custom Gold Grillz Legit ?

Custom gold grillz are legit, just make sure to get them from a well known manufacturer who is also legit and professional.

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