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Sometimes people face tough dental conditions that requires emergency dentist immediately for several different reasons, the most common reason is probably the severe toothache because of the crazy pain and discomfort it causes, which makes the patients desperate and ready to do anything to find a dentist for emergency situations like this !


As we already said, there are some specific dental conditions that needs immediate care by calling an emergency dentist and ask for a same-day appointment, these dental conditions can be simple such as toothache and wisdom teeth removal, but they can also be complicated where you won’t even feel the pain and this is extremely dangerous and can lead to much complicated dental issues or diseases.

According to ” Turn Again Dental ” a dental emergency involves any dental pain that the patient is preoccupied with, therefore, here is a list that will help you decide if you really need to call an emergency dentist or not.

  • Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures : According to ” Mouth Healthy ” having a sensitive teeth is usually caused by one of the following problems : tooth decay, fractured teeth, worn filling, gum disease, worn tooth enamel or exposed tooth root !
  • Severe toothache
  • Knocked out tooth
  • Large crack or chip in tooth
  • Loose tooth
  • Broken Tooth or missing large piece of tooth
  • Dental abscess

Also very painful swelling, jaw serious injuries or a bleeding that won’t stop can be serious situations where an emergency dentistry is required !


emergency dentist cost

The usual specified price by the dentist for emergency situations will vary greatly depending on some different factors beside the area where the patient lives, such as the severity of your particular case and how many teeth are impacted .

Meadowdale dental clinic has made a list of the common types of issues that require emergency dental care and the general cost to fix them in an emergency situation.


A common factor to determine the cost of your procedure is the location of the affected tooth, usually front teeth are cheaper because they have one root unlike molars which have three roots and require greater efforts and work by the dentist, and of course this will increase the cost.

The general average cost for a front root canal is 750$ , and 900 $ for a premolar and up to 1100$ for a molar.


If you are having sever pain in your tooth and pain killers are no longer working on you, you might decide to extract your tooth, the general cost for non surgical gum erupted tooth extraction is something between 80$ to 300$, and about 200$-600$ for an extraction that require a surgery.


If you need to go to the dentist for urgent cavity filling, you should know that the cost can be determined by the used type of material, porcelain or cast-gold fillings are the most expensive type, they cost anywhere between 250$ and 4500$ depending on cavity size, on the other hand, silver amalgam fillings are cheaper with a cost of 50$ to 150$ for one or two teeth, whereas composite fillings can be more expensive than amalgam with a general cost of 250$ .


When the tooth is severely damaged, an emergency crown has to be placed which will cost anywhere between 1200$ to 1500$

Those were the general costs for the typical emergency dentistry cases, but keep in mind that some clinics provide the same usual cost even for emergency situations so you better make sure to choose the right one for your case !


Now the question that everyone asks is ” How do i find a dentist for emergency cases quickly ? “

I would say that it might be difficult in real life to find one, therefore i suggest you use something called the internet !

Yes it is the perfect way to grab a quick same-day appointment with simple steps by accessing websites that provide ” online appointments ” and describe your case then tell that it’s urgent, if the clinic supports emergency dentistry then congratulations ! if not you can ask them if they know any clinics that does and they will kindly guide for sure 😀

A great guaranteed method is to look specifically for emergency dentist services online and this time your appointment is 100% guaranteed.

emergency dentist service

A good website for this is ” Emergency Dental Pros ” they are 24/7 open and ready for dental emergencies to make sure patients find them whenever the need them most, they support more than 20 location to make sure they stay close to patients .

Another great choice is ” Emergency Dentists USA” i already made a detailed review for this service when i talked about getting near wisdom teeth removal , the idea is pretty similar to the previous one which is providing emergency dentistry for patients as fast as possible, but this service cover more locations so you might wanna choose between the two of them and see if they support your area.

Basically you can find a lot of services like this because clinics nowadays are focusing more on building their websites to help patients get their dental care as fast and easy as possible.


Generally, a dental emergency involves all kinds of dental severe pain that patients face and needs to be taken care of immediately !

The cost of emergency dentist will vary a lot depending on some factors like the severity of the case, the area where the patient lives and if it’s a teeth concern, the cost will depend on the number of affected teeth.

To find a near dentist for emergency situations, it’s better to use online services to catch an appointment in the same day, because it’s easier, faster and gives you the full control when it comes to choosing the distance between your home and the clinic and of course the suitable price for you

Also this will help you to have an idea on what patients are saying about the service so you can carefully decide whether to go for it or not !

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