How Often Should I Whiten My Teeth For Best Results ?

how often should i whiten my teeth to get the best possible results ?

Hey doctor, how often should i whiten my teeth ?

I can assume that this phrase is one of the top 3 most asked questions about dental care and teeth whitening and bleaching in special, people wants to get a holywood star perfect smile which actually require a good dental hygien and upkeep, but they still ignore what the dentist recommend to them, so they use teeth whitening methods that they see online on social media to whiten their yellow teeth thinking this will make things better.

Whitening a tooth may often seem simple when you first think of it, but the truth is using only toothpaste will not make your smile whiter !

That’s why i made this guide to make things clear about how often can you whiten your teeth, how many times a week and what whitening methods to use ? much more details are being discussed here.


How Often Should I Whiten My Teeth

Many people still think that once they whiten their teeth, they stay white forever ! yes this is true, in a perfect world unfortunately ..

Obviously, teeth whitening needs to be done by a professional dentis who needs to check on you for a regular routine (once or twice every three months or quarter or at least twice every year) to make sure your teeth are healthy and the whitening treatment didn’t affect you and also to detect any possible problems like cavities and teeth damage that are hidden thanks to teeth whitening.

So make sure you stay in touch with your dentist after the whitening procedure to ensure that you don’t only get a bright smile, but only healthy one

The reason of teeth staining and discoloration can be natural like aging, but the majority of causes are related to the types of foods you eat and the dental hygien routine you follow.

People who consume foods like cofee, drinks, berries and wine are more likely to have teeth discoloration, same thing whith people who use medications especially those including tetracycline.

Tetracycline doesn’t only affect your teeth, it also weaken tooth enamel which results to cavities and tooth decay.

The previous explanation will surely answer the question: how often should i whiten my teeth and give you an idea on how teeth discoloration happens and what cause it.



– After you put lot of efforts and spend money to get teeth bleaching, you should keep them that way by brushing and flossing them regularely at home every day all the year or even more than normal, this will keep them white and prevent your tooth from decay and cavities.
– Dentsist recommend using a good combination of toothbrush and water flosser to get the best results, maybe even get some gel and mettalic purple teeth whitening products to enhance the brightness.

Does Teeth Whitening Expire ?

Unforyunately it does, but you can help making it last for longer time by following good habits like brushing them, avoid foods that weaken your enamel and stain your teeth, and using whitening products to enhance the bleaching.

How Do I Keep My Teeth White After Whitening ?

– Minimize your cofee and tea consumption as they can stain your teeth if used too much.
– Smoking is very dangerous for your dental condition, it doesn’t only yellow your teeth but it also damage them.
– Avoid dark sauces like barbecuse sauce and pasta sauce and go for white sauces like whit rice, white pasta, white cheese instead, as they don’t discolor your teeth.
– Eat less asidic foods because the weaken your enamel.
– Brush your teeth using a water flosser or toothbrush to prevent them from cavities and discoloration.
– Consider buying a whitening toothpaste or gel or things like metallic purple teeth whitening products.
– Stop drinking alcohol or at least consume clear alcoholic drinks.
– Dark chocolate contains cafeine, therefore is has a bad impact on your teeth bleaching.

How Often Should I Whiten My Teeth At Home ?

A good teeth bleaching choice at home is to use peroxide based whitening products like strips and gels, people often apply them with a brush or thin strip once or twice a day depending on their condition for 10 to 15 days.

Is It Ok To Not Brush Your Teeth One Night ?

I know it seems normal to most of us to skip brushing teeth at night, but it is not good at all, beside risking to skip this important habit by doing it again and again, the tartar buildup can cause infection and enamel erosion and even gum diseases.

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