Metallic Purple Teeth Whitening – The Magical Choice

After the buzz and all the talk about metallic purple teeth whitening, i decided to dig more on this topic and see why is it having this much of talking, also to clearify how this process work and whether this purple teeth cleaner can really whiten your teeth or not, is it safe to use ? the things you should look into while choosing yours, and how much does it take to see results.

Metallic Purple Teeth Whitening

What Is Metallic Purple Teeth Whitening ?

If your teeth are not as white as you want them to be, you can use purple teeth cleaner to make them look whiter and better than before, this works basically by applying toothpaste or gel with purple color to a yellow area (your teeth in this case) because combining metallic purple with yellow will produce white color .

People who drink cofee and wine too much may get a bad look for their teeth color (becoming yellow) therefore, they can always use metallic purple teeth whitening to color-corrcet and whiten your teeth to make them look way better and fresh than before.

Don’t worry, this process will not entirely dye your mouth purple, after using it, you can gently rub your mouth with a clean piece of cloth to remove any remaining spots that are left, you can also use a toothbrush to clean the purple stains off your tongue.

After this, in some cases (depending on the brand you use), you may notice some spots are still there but don’t worry, they will vanish after 10 to 20 minutes at most.

How Long Does It Take For Purple Teeth Cleaner To Whiten My Teeth ?

Results may vary depending on the condition of the user’s teeth and the product they use, but you can expect visible whitening results after 14 days of consistently using it twice a day.

Note that some major brands like Popwhite may provide you with a toner to rinse your teeth after rubbing them, this will help to speed up the whitening process and get better results.

Is The Metallic Purple Teeth Whitening Safe ?

The answer is yes and no, because this depends on the brand name and the ingredients they use to make their products effective.

But generally, to keep your mouth safe and avoid any possible damage to your teeth or mouth related diseases, you should choose a product that is free of peroxide, a bleach that may cause you sensitivity and affect the enamel structure.

Peroxide is a compound that is often used with metallic purple teeth whitening products to help whiten the teeth by breaking up stain molecules in dental enamel, but studies shows that it may cause sensitivity and severe damage to your teeth if the consontration degree is above 3 percent.

If you plan to go for purple teeth cleaners, i suggest you know more about your teeth first, this will help you choose the right product for your condition, as an example, Popwhite products are mostly used by people with teeth sensitivity because it is free of peroxide, the results may not be as other brands, but having acceptable results while keeping your mouth safe is better than bright teeth with high risk.

Does Purple Teeth Whitening Products Whiten My Teeth Permanently ?

The short answer is no, you can’t have white teeth forever, as long as you are eating and using your teeth ( you can’t ignore a cheese quesadilla forever) , the whitening effects will fade away, because the enamel of your teeth will always stay porous.

But if you use metallic purple teeth whiteners consistently and stick with a good oral hygiene routine, the whitening should remain for as long as you take care of them.

Purple Toothpaste Before And After Use :

metalic purple teeth whitening after use

metalic purple teeth whitening before and after

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