Palate Expander Alternatives [UPDATED]

One of the most common questions people asks every day is : is there any palate expander alternatives ?

Well, if you read the Palatal Expander In-Depth Guide I wrote before, you must have known that we already discussed this, and I did actually mention a good effective alternative.

But it seems like that wasn’t enough and patients are still looking for more alternatives besides the Quad Helix expander to go through the expansion treatment.

Therefore, I have decided to dig more about this topic and go deeper to see what I can find, and facilitate it as much as I can for a better understanding then share it here with you guys.

Let’s start with a short conclusion of the typical options to fix palate issues.

palate expander alternatives
What are palate expander alternatives ?

1)- Rapid Palatal Expansion (RPE):

Basically, it’s where orthodontists put the appliances over few teeth in the back of the upper jaw with a screw in the middle to activate the expander using a special key.

What makes it special is the fast expansion which is 0.5 mm to 1 mm each day !

2)-Slow Palatal Expanders (SPE):

The difference is very clear from the name itself that it’s similar to the previous one but slower.

The expansion rates are about 0.5 mm to 1 mm maximum for each week which is nothing comparing to RPE.

3)- Implant Supported Palatal Expanders :

Unlike RPE and SPE, this protocol is based on 4 mini-implants that widens the maxillary itself instead of the teeth.

This is mostly used with adults with fully developed jaw because it applies much heavier forces on the jaw to widen it for about 3 mm to 3.5 mm a week.

4)- Removable Palatal Expander :

When the palate requires a minor jaw widening, orthodontists will definitely recommend this type of expansion.

What makes it special is the ability to remove the expander whenever you feel uncomfortable or you want to eat.

5)- Surgically Assisted Rapid Palatal Expanders :

Mostly used with adults and older people, the patient, in this case, must go through surgery to insert the expander into the mid-palatal suture/palate bone. Now let’s go ahead and discuss our main topic.



quad helix is one of palate expander alternatives
quad helix expander device – one of the best palate expander alternatives

This expander is based on Four active springs applied to the molars to widen the upper jaw, it is pretty similar to the normal expander and it works by pushing the teeth outward to widen the upper arch.

Quad Helix expander device is usually given to patients with narrow upper jaw, crossbites, overcrowded teeth.


braces as a palate expander alternative

Braces can be one of the most effective palate expander alternatives for people who don’t need a full opening of the suture, you can use braces on the top teeth for some expansion.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work, in cases such as Airway issues or very narrow palates, applying traditional braces won’t be enough.

About the pocket, i made an article where i talked about costs, you can have a look at it for more details.


damon braces are considered one of palate expander alternatives

One of the best palate expander alternatives is the Damon Braces System.

This system is way different than the traditional braces, the treatment is easy and patients can gain some space where the teeth can grow, also it’s free of pain which is good for people who don’t wanna go through an awkward experience at home.

It is based on high technology memory-shaped wires to move teeth as quickly and it requires few adjustments.

Damon Braces System is a proven treatment that enhances facial aesthetics giving patients an extra choice besides the other palatal expander types (which we mentioned before )

About the cost, depending on the degree of correction you need, Damon Braces may cost about 3800$ to 8000$

Having private insurance may help you cover the expensive price, otherwise, ask your orthodontist if there are any payment plans because most of them know that patients aren’t ready to pay such a high price in cash.


Some dentists in some particular cases may recommend that the impacted teeth should be surgically removed to avoid overcrowded/overlapping teeth issues.

Teeth removal can also be one of the best options for molars that don’t have space to erupt through the gums.


Another rapid and effective choice that is considered as one of the most effective palate expander alternatives especially for adults is the upper jaw surgery option, it is very recommended when the malocclusion cannot be fixed with regular orthodontic palatal expanders.


A very common option among adults and older teenagers, in some cases, invisalign and spark aligners can be good alternatives to palatal expanders, but in severe orthodontic conditions, we can’t count on them.


The surgery will break the upper jaw into small movable parts to make it easy to adjust and manipulate, then a custom appliance will also be used with braces.


It is an orthodontic appliance that is used to align the upper and lower jaw to correct malocclusions such as overbite, it can be a great alternative to palatal expanders.


It is a fixed appliance that is used to fix narrow jaw issues and move your child’s upper molars back, it is also used instead of headgear.

The success rate for this orthodontic device can reach up to 85% if the correction amount in your mouth is equal to 5mm or less.


Those were the available palate expander alternatives for the moment, I’m still digging into this topic and I will share the updates as soon as possible.


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