palate expander cost
palate expander cost

Palate expander cost is one of the problems people are facing when they decide to go with the expansion procedure (or maybe the alternatives will do just fine.

After this, you will figure out :

How much a palate expander cost ? do you have to pay the full amount at once ?

does insurance cover palate expander treatment ? what are the best payment options orthodontists offers in such cases ?

I will cover all the details to make sure you won’t be wasting more time by asking questions, let’s start.

Depending on different factors such as: location, age, time of treatment, the average international estimated palate expander cost in 2022 is between 2000$ and 4000$

The total cost of treatment includes all the consultation fee, whether it is provided for free or not.

Now if you are planing to go for an alternative, you have to understand that the palatal expansion cost depends on what option you choose, it can go up to 10.000$ 


1)- BRACES :

braces cost

Considered as an effective replacement to palatal expander to ameliorate the upper/ lower jaw alignment, and affected molars adjustment but only if the needed amount of adjustment is not too much .

The dentist/orthodontist often describes this treatment to your kid as this option is mostly known to be suitable in child’s orthodontic cases such as molars adjustment.

Orthodontics says that this can work perfectly and correct your molars/ impacted teeth and adjust the shape of your upper jaw if used in the right way.

They even cause less pain than a palate expander which makes it a great choice especially for children.

Typically, the costs are between 3000$ to 7000$

On these tables i made below, i tried to filter the results depending on:

The material the product is made of (Metal, Ceramic, Invisalign, Lingual)

The age (Adults, kids), the time (for how long they are worn) and also the cost before and after applying the indemnity plan.

Note that unlike the other forms of palatal expander, this is considered as cosmetic procedure, therefore it’s kinda hard to find deals that can cover the treatment.

Type of BracesCost
Braces Cost Based On Type

Age Of Patient12 Month24 Month36 Month48 Month
Braces Cost Based On Age

TypeCost after InsuranceCost Without Insurance
Braces Cost After Insurance Cover


damon braces cost
damon braces cost

We already talked about this kind of braces before  in the palatal expander guide and explained it in details, how can this method enhance the facial aesthetics and fix dental issues effectively like cross bite, under bite and more ..

The two of them are effective but the cost for the Damon system can vary.

The cost of treatment depends on the needed amount of correction in your jaw beside the factors that we previously mentioned above, but it’s anywhere between 3800$ to 8000$

The good news is that some plans are able to take care of most of the cost, you just need to do your researches and look for the best choice that suits you and go for it.

3)- Quad Helix Palate Expander Cost:

quad helix expander cost
quad helix palate expander cost

One of the best orthodontic expanders your orthodontist can recommend that widens/expands your upper jaw and fix your crowded molars / teeth is the Quad Helix palatal expander.

It is made with low-nickel stainless steel, putting it presented greater release of force when compared with the braces made of conventional steel alloy.

This also help obtaining greater tooth movement which expands the upper jaw better and speeds up the expansion.

The orthodontist recommends using it when it comes to orthodontic cases with narrow palate (upper or minor jaw) and dental issues that depends on adding some expansion.

Putting this orthodontic appliance inside the mouth expands/widens the upper jaw/maxilla by applying pressure on it.

It create gentle tension on the palate so this pressure widens the upper jaw so the upper and the bottom teeth gets some space to fit together on the right default level.

Since this orthodontic appliance is quite similar to normal orthodontic palatal expanders, therefore, the cost won’t be much different, it is generally estimated as 2000$ to 4000$ 

The cost of treatment can be fully covered, because this orthodontic process is necessary and efficient to improve the palate dental health.

Those were the common palate expander costs in 2022 that exists for now.

Frequently Asked Questions About Palatal Expanders:

  • Is a palatal expander really necessary for my child ?

If your orthodontist detects a width issue with your upper jaw or minor jaw, putting the palatal expander is the first thing your orthodontist will recommend because it applies pressure and widens your upper/lower palatal bones better than anything else.

  • What is the best age to get a palatal expander ?

The ideal age to have a palatal expander is 7 to 8 years old, the success of the operation depends on the growth of palate because it solidifies more as the boy becomes older.

  • What is the difference between palate expander and quad helix expander ? (beside the money and the material made from)

They both do the same job ( widens the upper jaw for teeth to move) , however the normal orthodontic palatal expanders unlike the quad helix expander doesn’t require a key to activate the appliance.

We already covered this problem in details, you can check it out.

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