Spark vs Invisalign, The Best Clear Aligners Compared

One of the most things that i see people overdiscussing and having various thoughts about is Spark vs Invisalign, what is the difference between these two aligners, which one is better, are they comfortable? which one costs more, and why ?

A lot of questions have been asked, so i made this thread specially to clear everything and help you choose the correct treatment for your particular circumstances, because each patient has a different situation thar require unique clear aliner.

Spark vs Invisalign Compared

spark vs invisalign
comparing spark aligners versus the invisalign aligner, which one is better for teeth ?

Invisalign and spark clear aligners are an effective technology that orthodontists use to apply tension and move teeth into the risght position.

Years ago, patients had limited choices to straighten their teeth, and the most popular option available back then was the traditional braces, but after a while, braces are no longer the only choice in the market, a new treatment appeared which is the clear dental aligners.

After being compared with traditional braces, many orthodontic patients have decided to go for the clear aligner therapy as it became more and more popular around and less complicated then the traditional braces ( especially with matures)

When it comes to aligners, people used to only know about Invisalign in the near past, but nowadays there are many other available choices and the best alternative is the “Spark aligners”

We will be comparing these two teeth straightening options starting from: which aligner is the most effective system compared to the other, which material each one of them use , the comfort level, the durability and more features.

Spark Aligners vs Invisalign Type Of Material

spark vs invisalign type of material

Invisalign and Spark aligners use their own clear material to create strong aligners that lasts long with the minimum visibility to make them discrete and comfortable.

While invisalign utulize a material called SmartTrack, Spark clear aligners uses TruGen which is able according to the studies to produce stronger aligners, lasts longer, more clear, very comfortable to wear and finally a greater resistance to stains copmared with Invisalign aligner system.

This also makes superior contact with the teeth, as a result, it applies a constant force retention.

Like Invisalign, Spark clear aligners utilize 3D imaging technology to build ther custom aligners, additionally, they spend extra efforts to polish the edges of each aligner to improve the comfort level for their customers by preventing the irritation on the lips and gums.

Spark aligners also prints in a much lower thickness layers to make it fit right and reach more precise results.

I assume that we got our answer for the first factor, Spark clear aligner wins !

Spark Vs Invisalign: Which Aliner Is More Comfortable ?

Both Spark aligner and Invisalign treatment are much more comfortable compared to traditional braces, because they are removable, clear and invisible, great for people with allergy from metal, also less complicated so patients will not worry about flossing, brushng, and cleaning.

Another feature is that the two brands carefully trims the aligners to prevent the gum and tissues from irritations.

Spark and Invisalign treatment system both works by giving each patient his unique aligners, so he has to wear each set for 22 hours a day during a period of one – two weeks before he switch to the next set.

Each set is specially designed to reach a specific level of movement for a tooth by applying gentle pressure on it.

Every patient will have his own custom plan based on the circumsnatnces of the individual himself and the level of malocclusion.

To help you choose, we have to admit that Spark aligners may be more comfortable because of the thinner and clear (even clearer than ever) layers they print, they fit perfectly to the mouth which makes the process free of pain and discomfort.

Also as said before, Spark team spends extra efforts to poilsih and soften the edge of the aligners to prevent the irritation with the tissue, a great advantage for Spark clear aligners !

Invisalign Vs Spark Effectiveness And Availability

who is more effective, spark vs invisalign

The two companies are very effective and can perform great results when described to fix dental misalignments issues like crowded tooth, crossbite, overbite, and bite problems generally.

But as we expected, many orthodontists researches showed that the material used to build Spark aligners performs very well and faster when it comes to moving your teeth, and the methods that TruGen has are much better compared to their leading competitors.

As for the availability, Spark clear aligners can only be offered by well trained orthodontists, because it needs a high level of practice and training which is the case with orthodontists.

However the invisalign aligners compared to Spark clear aligner can be offered typically by both general dentists and orthodontists, all it requires is a weekend certification course to start using it.

comparing spark vs invisalign aligner by Mclaughlin Spendlove

In conclusion, Spark aligner requires an orthodontic professional with a lot of experience who knows every detail on how teeth works and moves, therefore, you are guarenteed to have the best possible results.

Spark and Invisalign Aliner Price

The price can i this case can be compared and it will change depending on the circumstances of the individual such as:

  • The severity of the case
  • An orthodontist will cost you mor than a dentist (Rate card and experience are also included)
  • Your insurance plan

But to be more specific, clear Invisalign and Spark aligners treatment will cost you anywhere between 3000$ and 5000$ , but the cost and the time you spent will get your smile and self confidence back so it’s totally worth it.

Spark Aligners Before And After

As a new system the Spark is getting second thoughts from people , therefore, we tried to collect some Spark aligners before and after results to see how effective it is.

spark aligners before and after
clear aligner therapy using spark aligners
spark aligners before and after use
spark clear aligners before and after therapy

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