Using ZYN After Wisdom Teeth Removal

People who experience wisdom teeth pain are usually afraid to go for a removal, not because of the pain neither because they can’t stop eating qesadilla, the extraction is pretty simple and easy, but the main reason for the fear is the recovery procedure which is a little complicated, especially for smokers, therefore patients tend to use ZYN after wisdom teeth removal, because smoking after the surgery may cause a lot of pain in addition to a dry socket condition.

Dry socket is a very common dental condition especially after removing wisdom teeth ,it is where the blood clot that forms at the spot where the extraction happened become dislodged, this condition doesn’t only cause severe pain, it also delays and complicate the healing process.

using zyn after wisdom teeth removal

So let’s talk a little bit about dipping after wisdom teeth removal and whether you can apply pouches after your surgery, will you face any side effects after you use ZYN pouches ?


It is white nicotine free of tobacco pouches that can be used to deliver nicotine to your body, it taste good and you can use it anywhere at any time.

It is a good option to quit smoking and prevent your teeth from getting discoloration, cavities and other side effects of smoking.

Beside nicotine, ZYN contains flavors, sweeteners, PH adjusters and fillers, all ingredients are food approved.

You can find all the ingredients on the bootom of the can or you can check them from the product’s page in the official website.



Dentists recommend stop smoking before the procedure for better experience and fast recovering, however the thing about smoking is that you can’t just simply decide to stop, it’s harder than it seems therefore patients asks questions like : can i use ZYN after wisdom teeth removal ?

Usually, it is recommended to avoid vaping, smoking or even ZYN pouches because the nicotine in general may interfere with the recovery and cause difficulties, however many dentists allows their patients to use nicotine pouches if necessary with a condition which is to avoid the spot of surgery, or even better, wait at least 48 hours to use them so you can give your tissue some time to heal.

Note that this is not intented to be an alternative for professional consultation, you should seek advice from your dentist to make sure everything is under controle.

Are ZYN Pouches Bad For Your Gums ?

Nicotine pouches are not as bad as cigarettes, but they still hurt your gums and cause teeth problems such as discoloration, irruption and more diseases, researches shows that people using zyn pouches are more likely to have gum diseases than people who have never use pouches.

What Happens If You Swallow A ZYN Pouche ?

If you have a sensitive stomach and gums, you will likely have a little bit of burn feeling but not to worry about, also it can make food taste different for a short time, it is not toxic, so what to do if you swallow a zyn pouche is lay down and relax, the ingredients are not harmful.

Can ZYN Cause Dry Socket ?

Nicotine products are known to cause some complications after wisdom tooth extraction, however many people successfully managed to use zyn without having dry socket, but you should ask your dentist for more information to ensure you avoid any problems.

Is There Sugar In ZYN Pouches ?

According to what they said in their faq section, zyn pouches don’t contain any sugar and they are suitable for people with diabetes, the nicotine will not affect blood sugar, therefore, diabetic people can safely use zyn after wisdom teeth removal without affecting their blood sugar levels.
– We always recommend reaching to your doctor for better understanding and to prevent andy complications.

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